Try Me

Paula and I are wrapping up a fun trip to California where we visited with our son Andrew and his wife Gina and our newest and 7th grandchild Allison Kate Ruisi – born on 3/11/16.

On one day of our visit we took a trip to the Kids-R-Us section of Toys-R-Us to pick up some baby supplies.

While Paula and Gina searched for supplies, I roamed the aisles and eventually gave in to one of my deepest addictions – I cannot resist pushing the “try me” button that toy manufactures include in their packaging to lure more buyers.

Well, when I see the buttons, I can’t help myself and begin to push them at random as I walk down an aisle. If a particular sound or movement grabs my attention I stay there longer and will push the button several more times until I’ve attracted the stares of other shoppers. At that time I shrug my shoulders, smile and find a new aisle with new temptations.

So what’s the point? Simple really. What are you doing to attract the attention of your buyers to get them to try you so that they can experience the value you can provide them? Or, do you just disappear into the crowd with others in your marketing space? If you’re potential buyers are not “trying you” then it might be time to make sure they see your button.

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