Testimonials – How Not To Ask

I recently received a “form” e-mail from someone who provides services to my business. They wanted to know if I had a minute to provide them a testimonial about the service they provide.

What this business owner failed to release is that every now and then some personal contact with a client is a good thing. You get to know your client better and the challenges they face. That one on one contact also allows you to remind the client first hand about the value you offer. And once they acknowledge that value, you’re in a great position to ask for a testimonial; a referral and even more business. Call me old fashioned but “form” letters are just that “form”. Now I’m sure this business owner was thinking about a fast way to make the request. Sometimes speed needs to take a back seat to building and maintaining a quality business relationship. The only time speed is important is in how you deliver your service and solution to your client. Continue reading