Great Customer Service – The Little Things Done Well Have The Best Impact

Each year around this time, my wife and I go through the house finding everything that needs to go. Some of the “stuff” is donated to various charities and the remainder goes off to the dump. Anything deemed “dump-able” (I think I invented a word) is collected in one place  in either the basement or garage for pick up by the “1-800-Got Junk” folks.

So, after my wife and I collected the “dump-able” stuff, I went online to the Got Junk website and scheduled my pick-up for Wednesday morning, December 30th between 8 am and 10 am. The site is very clean; instructions are clear and the site overall offers very simple navigation. I did my scheduling in less than 5 minutes.

The Got Junk folks say that they will call you when they are within 30 minutes of arriving at your home. As planned, at around 8 am on the morning of the 30th the phone rings and the driver tells me that they are in route and should be arriving now later than 8:45 am.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise – the driver says to me, “Hey Mr. Ruisi, we noticed that this is the 13th time that you have used our service” – (now let me clear up one thing – my wife and I are not hoarders! Our past use was for our NJ home and properties that we have or had in Rhode Island and Florida).

The driver went on to say – and here’s where it gets even better – “We wanted to thank you for your past business and, we’re stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way over to your house and would you and your wife like us to bring you breakfast?”

They wanted to bring us breakfast!!! A simple act of genuine interest and kindness – how many times have you experienced that in your travels?

Here’s the point: great customer service and great customer experiences are best found in the little things handled well. What are you doing to make your customers feel special? Probably not enough!

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