How Not to Treat Customers: Way to Go Staples!

Welcome to my new blog “Unfiltered and Out Loud”.  It’s in addition to my Monday Morning Wake Up Call and is designed to allow me to call out what I see as great examples of bad examples! This will come as needed and may even include some videos. Feel free to leave a comment or share with a friend.

So to get started let’s talk about the Staples store on Route 35 N. in Middletown, NJ.

I was there the other day to pick up some printer paper and while in line, I watched a very unhappy employee – a Manager -make at least two customers as unhappy as she was.

Now the store was a little crowded with parents buying school supplies. Since buying school supplies happens every year at the same time, our Staples employee should not have been surprised by the long line. In fact, all of the customers – mostly Moms – were checking e-mails, on Facebook or just chatting to pass the time away.

Unlucky Customer # 1 – An elderly gentleman (that means someone who looked older than me) approached the  Manager and inquired about how to make an exchange. She started to walk away from him so he thought that meant he should follow. NOT! – With the speed of an NFL referee she turned on him held up her left hand and yelled “Stop and stay right there!” and walked away. The gentleman turned away and left the store – probably a good move. Everyone on line was stunned – except me. I was happy. I knew I had content for this blog!

Unlucky customer # 2 – a lady  approached our manager and asked where should should go to return an item. Without breaking stride, our unhappy manager barked “A return? You have to go to the end of the line,” (an almost Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode) and pointed her to head in our direction and walked away. The lady smiled and went to the end of the line. I was even happier! But all of the other customers waiting began to talk about the two incidents that had just witnessed. Not good to help build your brand Staples.

So come on Staples! Your team interacts with your customers – you know the people who buy your products. Not everyone has a good day but teach your team how to deal with it without picking on your customers and putting on a display that not only embarrassed your customers, but your name and yes, even your employee.

Fortunately, my faith was somewhat restored by the delightful, friendly and very capable cashier who handled my order. Put her in charge!

Be sure your team delivers the right message and service to your customers unless of course you’re not interested in making money.

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