Fly Like an Eagle

Recently my wife, Paula and I went to the movies (a usual Friday night event) and saw “Eddie The Eagle” starring Taron Egerton (as Eddie) and Hugh Jackman as his coach. The movie while not an Oscar hopeful is a true story and depicts the struggle of one man to achieve his goals in the face of everyone telling him “what he could not do”.

Here’s a little history about Michael Edwards aka – Eddie The Eagle (Source: Wikipedia):

As a young child “Eddie” was driven to eventually compete in the Olympics. He was a good downhill skier but narrowly missed the Great Britain team for that event for the 1984 Games. To realize his Olympic dream, he decided to switch to ski jumping for reasons of cost and easier qualification as there were no other British ski jumpers with whom to compete for a place. Edwards began jumping in Lake Placid, New York, using his coach’s equipment, although he had to wear six pairs of socks to make the boots fit. He was handicapped by his weight—he was too heavy and his lack of financial support for training. He was also very nearsighted, requiring him to wear his eyeglasses at all times, which during ski jumps fogged to such an extent that he could not see.  During the 1988 Winter Olympics, Edwards competed in, and finished last in, both the 70 m and 90 m events. His lack of success endeared him to people around the globe. His fans praised him as representing the true Olympic spirit as an amateur athlete who wanted to compete at the best of his ability for its own sake, regardless of his chances of winning.  At the closing ceremony, the president of the Organizing Committee, Frank King, singled out Edwards for his contribution: “At these Games, some competitors have won gold, some have broken records, and some of you have even soared like an eagle.

So what’s the point? Eddie is a great example to all of us of someone who was not afraid to dream Big and to pursue his goals despite all of the barriers and obstacles he encountered, including people who said he could not do it. His belief in himself was the fuel that drove him to achieve his own “greatness”. He would not be denied. So ask yourself – Do you dream big? Do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals? Are you prepared to make the sacrifices needed to achieve success? Or, do you let fear stop you from following your dream?

What we can all learn from Eddie the Eagle is that the only limits we have are those we place on ourselves or those we allow others to place on us. So don’t be afraid to dream Big! Or, as the title of my book says “Step Up and Play Big”.

Dream big Jonah, Olivia, Bennett, Sophia, Alexa, Christian and Allison – it’s your future to create! Fly like an eagle.

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