Curiosity Killed the Cat…But Not Your Success

I’m always asked what skill set is the most valuable today. While there are many answers that would be correct, one skill that often get over looked is curiosity. No one rarely talks about it at work. Even fewer think about asking questions about it duing the selection process and even fewer evaluate it and reward through the performance appraisal process. It’s absence, believe it or not, is felt most in larger companies where the beauracy and structure make it almost impossible for it to survive let alone flourish.

So the question is, how do you encourage it within your company or operation?

Curiosity goes hand in hand with the ability to learn. If you’re not curious there is no way that you will be agile enough to learn. And, without learning, you, your team and your organization will become stagnante.

More importantly, without curiosity there can be no innovation within your company which would make it impossible for you to discover the “next great thing” that will allow you to create and maintain a competitive edge.  Get curious or perish. It’s just that simple.

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