Great Customer Service – The Little Things Done Well Have The Best Impact

Each year around this time, my wife and I go through the house finding everything that needs to go. Some of the “stuff” is donated to various charities and the remainder goes off to the dump. Anything deemed “dump-able” (I think I invented a word) is collected in one place  in either the basement or garage for pick up by the “1-800-Got Junk” folks.

So, after my wife and I collected the “dump-able” stuff, I went online to the Got Junk website and scheduled my pick-up for Wednesday morning, December 30th between 8 am and 10 am. The site is very clean; instructions are clear and the site overall offers very simple navigation. I did my scheduling in less than 5 minutes. Continue reading

How Not to Treat Customers: Way to Go Staples!

Welcome to my new blog “Unfiltered and Out Loud”.  It’s in addition to my Monday Morning Wake Up Call and is designed to allow me to call out what I see as great examples of bad examples! This will come as needed and may even include some videos. Feel free to leave a comment or share with a friend.

So to get started let’s talk about the Staples store on Route 35 N. in Middletown, NJ.

I was there the other day to pick up some printer paper and while in line, I watched a very unhappy employee – a Manager -make at least two customers as unhappy as she was.

Now the store was a little crowded with parents buying school supplies. Since buying school supplies happens every year at the same time, our Staples employee should not have been surprised by the long line. In fact, all of the customers – mostly Moms – were checking e-mails, on Facebook or just chatting to pass the time away. Continue reading