Fly Like an Eagle

Recently my wife, Paula and I went to the movies (a usual Friday night event) and saw “Eddie The Eagle” starring Taron Egerton (as Eddie) and Hugh Jackman as his coach. The movie while not an Oscar hopeful is a true story and depicts the struggle of one man to achieve his goals in the face of everyone telling him “what he could not do”.

Here’s a little history about Michael Edwards aka – Eddie The Eagle (Source: Wikipedia): Continue reading

Another One (Two) Bites the Dust!

Wounded Warrior Project parts ways with CEO & COO

“The Jacksonville-based Wounded Warrior Project abruptly parted ways Thursday with CEO Steven Nardizzi, & their long-term COO as a result of national news reports that uncovered a dramatic increase in lavish spending habits. A statement released by the board Thursday night said the organization needed new leadership to strengthen some policies and procedures while also helping to restore trust in the organization among all constituencies.”

Well, as the song goes “another one bites the dust!” Actually. In Wounded Warrior’s case, it was two who bit the dust!

When I was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President and a Member of the Office of the Chairman at USLIFE (NYSE), the ink was not yet dry on my press release when I got my first “in your face” lesson in leadership and good judgment from my best friend and closest business associate who said “Congratulations on your promotion but don’t ever believe your press release and do something stupid! You’re our leader and we are all depending on you.” At that moment, I realized that if I was going to be successful in my role as the leader, I needed to earn the trust of my team every day! Continue reading

Ethan Allen – The Legend & Unfortunately The Store

Ethan Allen was a farmer, businessman, land speculator, philosopher, writer, lay theologian, and American Revolutionary War patriot, hero, politician and a folk hero.

And he is rolling over in his grave based on the service coming out of the furniture store bearing his name located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. and the admin staff located in some secret undisclosed location.

So, as you can imagine, I’m in the middle of a growing problem with the store be because of a lack of a sense of urgency to resolve a simple billing/delivery issue. Isn’t it true that the biggest issues can be traced back to a simple matter being ignored?

More to come on this – so stay tuned

Great Customer Service – The Little Things Done Well Have The Best Impact

Each year around this time, my wife and I go through the house finding everything that needs to go. Some of the “stuff” is donated to various charities and the remainder goes off to the dump. Anything deemed “dump-able” (I think I invented a word) is collected in one place  in either the basement or garage for pick up by the “1-800-Got Junk” folks.

So, after my wife and I collected the “dump-able” stuff, I went online to the Got Junk website and scheduled my pick-up for Wednesday morning, December 30th between 8 am and 10 am. The site is very clean; instructions are clear and the site overall offers very simple navigation. I did my scheduling in less than 5 minutes. Continue reading

Curiosity Killed the Cat…But Not Your Success

I’m always asked what skill set is the most valuable today. While there are many answers that would be correct, one skill that often get over looked is curiosity. No one rarely talks about it at work. Even fewer think about asking questions about it duing the selection process and even fewer evaluate it and reward through the performance appraisal process. It’s absence, believe it or not, is felt most in larger companies where the beauracy and structure make it almost impossible for it to survive let alone flourish.

So the question is, how do you encourage it within your company or operation? Continue reading